The capital of Ceará, also known as Loira Desposada do Sol (Blonde Bride of the Sun) is one of the most beautiful and busy cities of the Brazilian Northeast. Fortaleza is a modern metropolis, with a blue-green sea. However Fortaleza is not just its natural beauties, it is also a cultural city with beautiful architecture that mixes history, modernity and nature.


Cocó Ecological Park:

One of the biggest parks in urban areas in South America is located in Fortaleza. The Cocó Ecological Park is located at the margins of the Cocó river, the city’s main green area, formed by beautiful forests and a large mangrove, with characteristic fauna and flora. The place has an entertainment infrastructure that comprehends tracks for running and walking, bike tracks, courts and amphitheater and houses ecological trails that enable visitors to take pleasant walks in contact with nature, thus promoting environmental education.


Going to Fortaleza and not surrendering to pleasures of the Beaches is a nearly impossible task. Nature is generous, with over 25 km of coastline inside the urban limits of the City, a large portion of this coastline relies on infrastructure and hospitality to receive the people from Ceará and tourists with sun, soft breezes and sea.

The entire coastline is divided into several beaches: Praia da Barra, Praia da Leste-Oeste, Praia de Iracema, Praia do Meireles, Praia do Mucuripe, Praia Mansa, Praia do Titãnzinho, Praia do Futuro, Praia do Caça e Pesca, Praia da Sabiaguaba and Praia da Cofeco.

Below are the most famous ones and their main characteristics:


Praia de Iracema:


Is the region that concentrates the majority of bars, restaurants and show places of Fortaleza. References of comedy from Ceará also perform in this area.

Other tourist attractions such as Centro Dragão do Mar de Cultura, Ingleses Bridge, Iracema Statue are also in that neighborhood.


A traditionally bohemian neighborhood that recently took over the title of largest open air stage for events in the Capital of Ceará. The Fortaleza New Year Celebration, the second most sough after in Brazil, also takes place at Praia de Iracema.


Praia do Meireles:


Right next to the Praia de Iracema is the beach of the famous Beira Mar Crafts Fair. It is frequently divided into Praia dos Diários and Náutico. As the boardwalk is very busy with walks and tours, it also offers infrastructure of kiosks and restaurants for visitors.



Praia do Futuro:


This is the beach of the people from Fortaleza and offers a large infrastructure by the sea. Large kiosks that adapt throughout the day to receive a very varied public, since large families – for a nice dip in the ocean – to the ones looking for a good lounge music to go with the Fortaleza sunset.

There you will find everything you need for a Beach environment. Bathing suits, sunglasses, tours and ice cold coconut water, always served with the already traditional smile of the people from Ceará.