Expo exhibitors Metrology 2017:

In prime location of the area reserved for the METROLOGY 2017, there will be a services and measuring equipment Fair, creating opportunities for manufacturers, distributors and users of measuring devices and other sectors interested in metrology to exhibit their products and develop their links and contacts with the international community of Metrology, fostered by this Congress of global importance.

The stand will be delivered assembled and with small wardrobe, table and two chairs. 


Institutional Support:

The term supporter METROLOGY 2017, means the company, laboratory or organization interested in supporting the event without financial resources. The supporter should publicize the event through their email marketing and / or other means of dissemination. Benefits offered by METROLOGY 2017 to organizations that collaborate in the category Institutional Supporter:

 a) Company logo on promotional material such as: brochure, website, calls for papers and advertisements.



Sociedade Brasileira de Metrologia
E-mail: metrologia2017@metrologia.org.br