Quality assurance in a changing world


On September 2016, during the G20 meeting held in China, leaders from the USA and China, currently the two most important economic powers, signed agreements committing to reduce their carbon emissions. Parameters defined in these agreements are according to the decisions made on COP-21, held in Paris, which presented a very concerning picture about the planet’s current climatic situation and established ambitious goals for several countries.

The several scenarios created by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, based on countless scientific papers and measurements, were described during the latest Brazilian Congress on Metrology. At the time, the scientific community from the metrology and quality field had the opportunity observe another evidence of the importance of our scientific basis.

The positions assumed in Paris will require crucial decisions from several countries, which might affect production sectors and have huge impact in world economy, particularly Brazil. Energy production, especially the one based in fossil fuels, and production of animal protein are just two examples of affected sectors.

Improving management processes and creating products that are more efficient becomes key. This will require increasingly precise measurement techniques to create products intended for increasingly demanding consumer markets. Much more than that, refinement of measurements techniques is the required condition to evaluate if the measures adopted by the countries are actually having the anticipated effects and allow us to anticipate the necessary changes.

Consequently, survival of companies and institutions in changing scenarios requires innovation, without it, our products will become less competitive in both internal and external markets.

Once again, we shall create at Metrologia 2017 (Brazilian Congress on Metrology) a scientific and technical environment that allows creation of innovation and collaboration networks based on researches and papers within the scope of metrology and quality.

As in previous years, METROLOGIA 2017 shall be constituted by several simultaneous congresses in the areas of Mechanics, Electricity, Ionizing Radiations, Chemistry and Optics, in addition to the other subjects from Basic Industrial Technology together at the Brazilian Congress on Metrology.

As occurred in the two latest editions of the Congress, the best papers chosen by the Scientific Technical Committee will be published at a special edition of the Journal of Physics Conference Series, issued by IOP Publishing.

As in to previous events, we will host the Expo Metrologia 2017, fair and exhibition of measurement equipment.

Metrologia 2017 will also offer attendance courses in several areas of interest for Metrology and Conformity Evaluation, promoted by the Escola Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial Básica – ENTIB(Basic Industrial Technology National School).